Picnics in Methley

You won’t see many people enjoying/taking picnics in the village these days – with the exception of those taking in the whole afternoon at one of the cricket matches.   … Continue Reading →

Paper Round

Always late from school for the pick up and so I was always racing at 100mph hurdling hedges and fences (made a lot of enemies doing this) and charging through … Continue Reading →

Billy’s Field

Earliest memories are immediate post war and of an overgrown irregular, uneven field with a grass worn area which was the goalmouth in the football season and served as a … Continue Reading →

The Parsonage

A license to re-build the parsonage house in 1690 states that ‘the decays were through the neglect and the long non-residence of the incumbent’ (Tobias Conyers 1676 – 1687). It … Continue Reading →

Lost Buildings of Methley

Buildings that have disappeared include :- Methley Grange, Carr Hall presumably demolished for the construction of Savile Colliery and West Hall, similarly demolished for Newmarket  Colliery.  Further enquiries to be … Continue Reading →