Club and Institute Annual Show 4th September 1948


Held at the Working Men’s Club the open show prizes were won as follows:-

Round Potatoes – W Bell, Kidney Potatoes – D Sidebottom, White Cabbage – R Ellis, Onions Green Top – A Ashton, Onions Open – S Gibson, Cauliflower – F Riby, Globe Beetroot – W Bell, Apples – H Green,
Celery – D Sidebottom, Carrots – J Kaye, Leeks – H Harrison, Shallots – W Bell, Tomatoes –
J Tegerdine, Chrysanthemums – R Ellis, Dahlias – R Ellis, Pom Poms – H Cowburn, Asters – J Tegerdine, Vase of Flowers – S Harrison.

In the members classes prizes went to the following:-

Tray of Veg and Special – W Wright, Parsnips – D Sidebottom, Buttonhole – J Tegerdine,
Runner Beans – CH Martin, Kidney Beans – W Hewitt, Red Cabbage – D Sidebottom, Eggs – W Bell,
Long Beet – D Sidebottom,
The exhibits were then sold by the Secretary (Mr CH Martin) and eleven guineas was raised for the Club & Inst
Homes Fund.

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