School Reminiscences

I’m adding a picture of a really pleasant reunion which took place on Monday 23rd at the Pontefract Crematorium. When I suggested to the lady that she might care to park their car under the shade of the trees further back, she said that her husband Hubert was ok nearer to the crematorium. Soon as I heard the name I knew it couldn’t be anyone other than Bert Allen former teacher at Mickletown School and this started a very pleasant exchange of former names and places. I did of course come across himself in the past after school as both our sporting interests coincided with Castleford and Pontefract RU clubs. I did remember that the man was quite pacey, so I can tell you he has lost a bit of speed and a tad of memory of pupils names, however I enjoyed much conversation with himself and Jan. They tell me that they have returned to this area after living in Devon for 30 years.

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Sadly, his long life came to a peaceful end on Saturday, 9th Ferbruary 2019.



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