Harry Fenwick Moore

September 1948, and Harry of 63 Savile Road was admitted as a Serving Brother of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, after having been actively involved in first aid for 35 years. He obtained his first certificate in 1913 and was competing in first aid early in 1914. During the first world war he served with the Colours for over four years.

On his return to civilian life in mining Harry rejoined the the Briggs’ company of Whitwood working at Savile pit. He resumed organisation for first aid competitions in 1920 and started training beginners in the coal mining industry.

He helped to form the Whitwood Collieries Ambulance Brigade where he was made sergeant, and has been an instructor to underofficials since that time – a position he took over from his father, Mr F. Moore who had himself held that position for many years. Harry was appointed Ambulance Officer and later Corps Officer having undertaken the over secretarial duties during this time.

He also obtained Certificates as instructor in the A.R.P. and the Certificate of the British Red Cross and the Order of St John for devoted service to humanity during the second World War.

In 1945 he was made an honorary member of the Yorkshire Collieries Ambulance League for long and valued service. He also served for 14 years with the Colliery Rescue Brigade.

Harry also played a part in running the British Legion in the village and regularly played the role of master of ceremonies at their fund raising functions held in the ‘stute’ (Church Institute later to become the Miner’s Welfare).

My association with H F Moore occurred when he trained the Junior First Aid Team to a number of competition successes showing great patience and forbearance in his voluntary role as coach and mentor to four, not always attentive, first aiders.

Throughout this time Harry worked at the pit as a deputy, until retirement in his case to nearly 65.
Quite clearly a very visible and highly respected man in this village.
Harry Moore light grey suit with buttonhole.   Looks like a trip from the top club, could be to the races!

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