Hannah Hyatt

Hannah Firth came to this village as a 4 year old with her family in 1905, educated at Mickletown School and then on to Castleford Grammar School before taking her teaching  certificate.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Hannah Firth cycled to and from Castleford Grammar School daily.

She was to marry Willie Hyatt a popular milkman and local  Councillor and she started teaching at Mickletown School after the war.

Hannah Hyatt  was a beacon of encouragement to all pupils at the school, indeed her patience in trying to teach this writer to sing ‘Where the bee sucks there suck I’and many more reluctant boys the same song deserves more than  just a mention.  The important thing was that she taught equally to all the pupils.

Her affection for the school, its former pupils and the village as a whole was well known and did not diminish when she moved to Cumbria later on in life to be near to  her daughter Anne.

Hannah continued to drive her car  well into her 80’s, a regular journey would be the weekly shopping trip into Castleford with  my Aunt Edna (Kaye) who always considered it a treat.

On the 9th September, 2000 Hannah Hyatt died at Levens in Cumbria at the age of 98.

Goodbye to the life I used to live
And the World I used to know
And kiss the hills for me, just once
Then – I am ready to go.

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