VE Day – Norman Green on the drum outside of the Royal Oak  after the announcement by Alvara Dell of the BBC of cessation of hostilities.
I can’t remember a lot about VE day or VJ day, but I can remember the grown ups talking  about the preparations.

I also remember the wood framed brattice blackout sheets, many of which were to go on the bonfire or to the hen run at the allotments.
The people in Bondfield Terrace, Woodrow had a large bonfire at the side of the air-raid shelters in the field which is  now the Hollings housing estate.  Prior to the fire being lit I can remember being mesmerised by a magician who could pull just about anything from his sleeve or your pocket.     There weren’t many  sweets or goodies, but plenty of potatoes roasting on the fire. The one thing you could tell was the obvious pleasure and friendliness in the voices of  the grown ups. As five year olds we just ran and climbed and ran all night until we couldn’t run any more.

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