WWI The Green Family

Mr and Mrs Albert Green and their involvement in the Great War.

Private Thomas Richard Green (1-5 KOYLI), Private Harry Shillito Green (Royal
Munster Fusiliers), Private Walter Green (1-5 KOYLI), Private William Green (1-5 KOYLI).

These are the sons of the Methley Family : Mr and Mrs Green of 9, Coney Moor Terrace,
All of whom are fighting somewhere in France with the British Forces. Three of them
have been in the trenches for 5 weeks and Walter who is a bomb thrower, has on one occasion had his rifle blown clean out of his hands.

The parents, although always anxious for their son’s safety, are justly proud the lads are
doing their duty for King and Country.

Newspaper article

Alfred Green Private 12337 (not related to the above) 9th Battalion North Staffs Regiment.
Alfred of 24 Wilson Row, was a miner at Allerton Bywater pit.   He was killed in France on 24th November, 1916 – awarded the 1914 – 15 inscribed Star. This was donated to Castleford Library in 1996 by Hy Paterson. The medal and letter were in an old pouch in the possession of Wm Green of 205, Lower Mickletown. The items are located in the Librarians Office.

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