White Water – Lemonroyd

Sunday 9th January, 2005 –   It was a fine day for walking and there were many, like ourselves promenading round the canal paths on the river Aire.   Approaching the footbridge over the weir we saw a small crowd on the bridge watching some activity in the water.
There had been some heavy rain over recent days and the flow going over the weir was in fine spate creating a tumultuous turbulence that certainly captured the attention.    It had also attracted a young man in a snub nosed kayak who was demonstrating his clearly advanced ability in the sport for the benefit of the walkers.

After shooting down the bouncing waves he would skim the kayak back alongside the river bank to move into position at the foot of the weir.    Here the kayak seemed to defeat the  laws of motion as it remained still on station on top of what appeared to be a mill race.     

It was explained afterwards that the cross undercurrent created the conditions for the craft  to remain still.   Good sport, including the disappearance of the canoeist who shortly turned a capsize into a spectacle for we mortals.

It must have been one of the few times I was without camera – couldn’t get a picture.

Meanwhile, Mary was explaining to two of the watchers of my interest in the village when a passing cyclist overhearing the conversation asked if it was Bill Thackray.

To which Stuart  Webster a recent communicator to the web site took some shots including movie action with his mobile phone (I should have asked if it could make a cup of tea!) which I append to this article.     Many thanks Stuart.

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