The Manor Book

The Manor Court Book 1759 to 1804  is, I suspect one of a number of similar books of the Manor, they would have been the successors to the Manorial Rolls which we know went up to the 1660’s.  It is also likely that there were other court books before and after this one up until 1913 when by an Act of Parliament they were dispensed with when it was no longer required to enrol copyhold property………the search is on (the books have since been located at the West Yorks Archives).

Attached are some photographs of the book and its contents – the clerk to the court at this time was Mary Arnold Pinder. This book would have covered the period when it was alleged that 12 men were transported to Australia for taking down a hedge (enclosure) of the Lord of the Manor.

January, 2002 Unable to gain access to the new census 1901 connection I searched the page which is the Public Records Office page and was able to locate information on Manor Books.   In the Methley record it stated that there were 3 such books at the Leeds Archives at Sheepscar.   We now need a trainee historian or enthusiast to attend and take notes from the books.

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