Sobriety v Intemperance – Briggs Family

The Briggs family were more than interested in many social aspects at their sites, introducing schooling, furthering adult education and supporting the churches and chapels (they were ardent followers of the Unitarian teachings at their church in Leeds).

By 1882 there was a Briggs built Reading Room at Hopetown, Normanton Common. Mrs Briggs also sought to establish the same at Methley (in which she succeeded in doing).    She also sought to introduce Cocoa Taverns as alternatives to the many alehouses in the area – don’t know if she succeeded with this one. However at the time these institutions were being promoted successfully in towns and cities throughout the country in order to promote abstinence.

Displaying her desire for the well being of miners and their families, her mission also included the aims of her church to support these objectives in introducing standards of sobriety and where possible total abstinence. Significant numbers of workmen (miners) as a result did embrace the values of abstinence.

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