Riversmeet Craft Café.

A transformation has taken place in the tiny hamlet of Woodrow where the once mighty Royal Oak public house has finally succumbed to the commercial realities of licensed life and finally closed its doors.  (Hats off to the many people who have tried to make a go of it in recent years).      Like a phoenix out of the ashes it has now received the ultimate interior makeover and has re-establisheditself as the Riversmeet Craft Café.

Well, what’s on show you ask!
You can now get a breakfast or lunch to start with. However like me you could enjoy their afternoon tea with any choice of homemade cakes, I had a buttered scone with mine.

Also on offer should you wish to partake is freshly ground coffee or speciality teas.   Of course you have to purchase these but the conversation comes entirely free.

New proprietor Joanne Prenderleith (an Oulton lass) has also introduced an interesting slant to the business with an associated programme of craft workshops. 

You may like to have a tilt at her beading and jewellery, quilting, dyeing, crochet or wreath making workshops (don’t know what Nodder or Pilling in the tap room would have thought of that).   Joanne’s background as a wardrobe mistress at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds has quite clearly been a major factor in the pursuit of this approach.

Well, I enjoyed my afternoon tea and conversation with a group from Smawthorne Lane, Castleford – a former residence area of mine.  Joanne hopes you will call in and enjoy too.

What’s this, it’s the meeting place for a book club.   Here the literati of this area get together to select, read and compare notes of the subject.   Hope they will give me a good mark up.

Further information at www.riversmeetcraftcafe.co.uk

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