Pigeon Racing

Len Richardson – Extract from Livewire Magazine 03/76

My first impression of the pigeon fraternity came about at an early age. I still have recollections of going and sitting at the loft of the late Mr. Joe Langley of Low common.
Mr Langley’s loft was painted red and white and was not in any way elaborate, but his birds, I’m sure, gave him great comfort and enjoyment.

Another loft I visited when allowed was that of Mr John (Paddy) Gallagher, who was a real good fancier and extremely knowledgeable in pigeon statistics. These chaps, plus the fact that our family had kept pigeons on and off, helped to waken and develop my interest, to what a pleasant and absorbing hobby pigeon fancying brings to a man. When I was about ten years old, I obtained my first birds, which I housed in an old tea chest. Later powder boxes were later purchased from Methley Junction Colliery; they were around 4d (old money) each, made of white wood, and they were quickly converted into a fair sized pigeon-loft. Methley Pigeon Club shortly had an application to join them!
permission Len Richardson

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