Nora Cox

They presented Nora with a beautiful inscribed cut glass bowl at the Banqueting Suite at Leeds Civic Centre in November, 2002. Nora had earlier been nominated for Supervisor of the Year from her post as Catering Supervisor at Methley Infant School and was chosen before almost 200 other nominees.within the Leeds area.

I bet she got a kick when the envelope was opened and her name was called out to walk up to the stage to receive her award.    The City Elders had finally realised what most people in Methley already knew, certainly all of the kids who had benefitted from her school menus. (Its not like it used to be – minced beef on Tuesdays, boiled fish on……) Nora was certainly tops at dinner time in her 25 years at the school. Cycling each day up the village to Little Church Lane School she deservedly earned the sobriquet ‘meals on wheels’.
Nora has played a fuller role in this community, immersed for many years with the Brownies. Snowy Owl or Arkala I know not, but she certainly provided a good example to all those aspiring girl guides. She has been an avid fund raiser for the school during this time and been involved in a variety of charitable works. I of course had completely forgotten as 6?year olds, Nora Bowman had played Minnie Ha Ha to my Hiawatha at Mickletown School.

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