Methley CC 1873/74


Saturday September 20th 1873  Extracted from Pontefract & Castleford Advertiser

HB Wards Eleven v’s Methley & District
This match played in the park (Castleford) resulted in victory for the visitors. Pease (professional for Woodlesford) did well for the visiting side.

Methley & District

Jos Pease (pro) b Selby 5
K Burnley b Simpson 2
H Parrott b Selby 3
J Hopwood run out 0
T Pyrah run out 0
Jos Wright b Whiteley 3
C Dickinson b Whiteley 0
E Raby b Whiteley 11
T Wright run out 0
H Hughes not out 0
E Wigin run out 0
Extras 7

Total 31

Saturday 1st November 1874

Methley Cricket – On Monday evening a concert was given at the library and reading room to a very large audience by a party of finalists from Leeds. The Hon Rev YP Savile presided and amongst the speakers were the Rev J Armitage (Whitwood), messrs Thos Embleton, TW Embleton and Enoch Kaye Sec. The post singing was of admirable style.

Mr Thomas Lawton gave ‘The Happy Muleteer’ in a very effective manner. Master Willie Waring sang ‘The Birds are Trilling One-Another’ and was well received. He also sang the Sol-fa duet with Mr Lawton to much applause.

Mr Hartley Thompson (who was in good voice) gave ‘My Sweetheart when a Boy’ in excellent style and in response to a hearty encore gave ‘Barbara Allen’

Mr Walter Woodcock presided with ability at the pianoforte and also played Mendelsohn’s ‘Leider Up’ with great taste.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought a pleasant evening’s entertainment to a close.

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