Lost Buildings of Methley

Buildings that have disappeared include :- Methley Grange, Carr Hall presumably demolished for the construction of Savile Colliery and West Hall, similarly demolished for Newmarket  Colliery.  Further enquiries to be made re West Hall.

Woodhall  Manor –  The three gabled mansion house fronted onto Main Street almost opposite to the Old Bay Horse.         An ornamental fireplace in the mansion carried the initials WRA 1677 which probably referred to Wm Roberts of Methley and Alice Taylor of the same toune (town) who were recorded in the Methley Parish register of 6th June 1654.

The house was one of 56 properties demolished as a result of a Local Authority resolution made in March 1956.   The clearance area affected, included the Top Fold, Denison Square (Jingo Nick), and sections  of Main Street along with appurtenances thereto  – these would have been the middens and ash pits. It seems a great pity that the mansion house could not have been spared and restored.

The resolution stated that upon  consideration of representations by the Medical Officer of Health, the dwelling houses were unfit for human habitation.  Reasons put forward were disrepair and sanitary defects , also narrowness of the streets which could be injurious to the health of the inhabitants.   It would appear then, that the mansion house was demolished for reasons of road safety because there was no pavement!!

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