J Graham Feather – Reminiscences

I lived at 56 or 86? Savile Road from June 1941 to about 1946/47 having been born in Pontefract.

Grandad Benjamin Walters and Gran Mary Elizabeth Walters (Yates) were the head of the household whilst Mum Dora Feather (Walters) and I were waiting for Dad (David Feather) to return from Egypt and his service with the 8th Army.

Grandad Walters used to take me for walks along the then canal towpath and we saw the coal barges (Tom Puddings) being towed along. The pit was a play ground when I was about 4/5 and the bogies were our play things (dangerous).

Kenneth Sugden was my big mate. Wonder where he is now?

The POW’s were Italian as I recall and used to carry me round on their shoulders whilst picking the rhubarb.

Many more fading memories but you can now add Botswana to your list!

J Graham Feather

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