Welcome to Methley Village

Hope you will share this electronic view of Methley and that it will educate and encourage further enquiry to see what’s on show and of interest.

I plan to show you how to get about and take in aspects – on the land, on the playing fields, in the pubs and clubs and many other aspects of leisure and social life.  I intend to invite you to view our collection of historical research, transport systems and industry records.   You will, I hope be captured by photographs of times past and present.

So, Welcome to the Methley-Village web site.

You will no doubt by now have recognised a difference in the display format of the site and indeed certain pages are yet to be published.   The original web site has been archived and can be accessed here. The transfer from the formhttp://www.methley-village.co.uk/news-and-noticeboarder .com title has been ongoing for some months now and has offered me the opportunity to improve some script and much better picture reproduction.

Search News http://www.methley-village.co.uk/news-and-noticeboard on the top menu bar to see the Diary and Noticeboard.http://www.methley-village.co.uk/news-and-noticeboard

Search Enlargements to see some photographs of snowy Methley in 2003.

A number of Galleries are visible, search the River Aire next. http://www.methley-village.co.uk/river-aire-gallery.

Link to Savile Colliery Video c1970 search Savile Video

A number of updates are also on view at the facebook site Characters of Methley

Bill Thackray-Editor


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