Granville Tinker

Drawn to Methley to play for the developing United team by the mercurial football manager Haydn Duggan. Little could he have thought that one day his present home would be built on the pitch (adjacent to the Queen) that  he practised and played his first matches on.  Granville at centre half played a style of game that bears little resemblance to that of the diluted contact game of today. No quarter given in those games especially local matches v Swillington or Altofts.
He prospered in this environment playing with talented half backs like John Bird and attacking talents such as Dyson, Duggan and the compleat Bernard Ward. Disposessing the ball from the opposition was his strength, in addition to protecting his own line and goalkeeper – mistakes here meant both the ball and the keeper could end up in the net. In addition he revelled in taking penalties for the side.

He reminds me of a match versus Swillington which developed from a number of minor skirmishes into full blown warfare, at which point manager Haydn Duggan ran to a local shop to seek assistance. When asked to be patient by the local peace keeper Haydn replied if they didn’t do something quick all the players would be patients. They must have survived.

Granville may have forgotten the occasion when Methley avoided that unforgivable sin of not fulfilling a fixture, in this case against D P and E (Otley) when our resourceful manager commandeered the services of a grocer’s van in order to get the team to the ground. Methley secured a draw on this occasion deDJust my agespite the four o clock kick off. But how could he forget it – he was captain on the day and had, according to the Pontefract and Castleford Express, ‘an outstanding game’.

Although still a supporter of the game he now prefers to watch Castleford Tigers rugby league team (possibly a reminder of the football of the fifties). He continues to play a part in the community these days along with Sheila where they continue to support social activities in this village along with devoting time to the youngsters and their many activities.

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