Governance in Methley 1931 to 1936

Local Governent in Methley    Page 5

In 1931 the rate dropped to 7s. The road estimate having been cut, census figures indicated a population of 4,506.

Difficulties with water supply arose the following year (1932) and a conference was held at County Hall to consider the matter along with the revision of areas.   On the report of this conference being received at Methley it was decided to ask Rothwell and Castleford to put before the council a statement of the benefits to be offered by both, and to supply any information required by either.

Cllr. Hyatt took over the chairmanship in 1932 with Cllr. Purser as vice chair. 
The health report for the previous year was descibed as one of the best ever submitted, and it was suggested that Methley should advertise itself as a health resort
At a special meeting the council by 7 votes to 2 favoured amalgamation in the Rothwell direction.

 The rate went down 6d and in the last month of the year the situation in regard to water was described as serious.   The next note in regard to amalgamation was an intimation from the County Council that it was proposed to split Methley East of the LMS Railway to go to Castleford and the remainder to Rothwell.  These proposals were opposed.

In 1935 at the February meeting the clerk recalled with amusement a minute of 25 years previously that 10mph should be the speed limit imposed on the main road with a prohibition of nearly all the district roads for motor traffic. The rate of rate of 7s  3d was a reduction of 3d. The Inquiry at the County Hall as to the rearrangement of the districts was held in July. Methley turning a cold shoulder to the proposal that part of the township should go to Castleford and at the August meeting the clerk was congratulated on how he presented the case.At the end of the year it was announced that Methley would go over to Rothwell in January, 1936.  

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