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Traditionally a farming area with the fertile soil created from the two rivers.      The land at Methley was worked by tenant farmers rented from the Earl of Mexborough during the greater part of the 20th century. Farms were mostly arable but some farms included animal husbandry.
Before the second world war there were as many twenty small farms in this village.
The area was successful at growing and marketing peas and potatoes etc. crops which were labour intensive, however with the introduction of mechanisation in the farming industry these crops can now be grown in the more rural areas of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
One other local speciality was the production of forced rhubarb with the rows of low sheds, although only isolated ones remain now as store sheds. This crop required copious watering, during the operation inside the dark shed you could actually hear the rhubarb growing.
The major landowner, Methley Estates has progressively rationalised farming operations largely away from the tenancy system and now concentrates on arable and cereal crops. The company have also released some farm houses into the property market in keeping with many other farming landowners.

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