Dorothy Masterman MBE

Congratulations Dot Seage (that’s to those of us who were school classmates) on being awarded the MBE – that is being appointed a member of the Order of the British Empire.   Dot received notice of the good tidings in a letter from Downing Street in early May… on earth did she keep it confidential until the Queen’s Birthday Honours  List was published on the 15th June?

The award was made for her efforts and work in the Probation Service helping less fortunate families overcome difficulties and  setting them on the road to recovery in collaboration with other agencies.

Dot modestly claims that the rewards outweigh the disappointments in doing such a worthwhile job and that she and Peter along with Debbie her  daughter and her family are looking forward to the big day and presentation at Buckingham Palace by the Queen.  The whole family is very proud of her, the whole village is equally proud of her and two  people who would have been more proud than anybody would have been Julie and Fred.

So, off she went to keep that 5th of November appointment with toothbrush, tiara and travel bag with all the family intent on taking in some sightseeing as well.   Dorothy most of all treasures  the actual presentation and the Queens words.      She, like all the family absorbing the atmosphere of the palace ballroom, the regal trappings, the orchestra of the Scots Guards in  the background and other presentations to the great and famous.

Well done Dorothy Masterman MBE

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