Attempt at Atlantic Flight  –  September 1927

Methley is considerably interested in the latest attempt to fly the Atlantic to America.  Princess Lowenstein-Wertheim (Lady Anne Savile), a daughter of the fourth Earl of Mexborough and sister of the present Earl being in the Fokker-Junkers monoplane named St Raphael which left Upavon in Wiltshire for Canada recently.  She has been keenly interested in aviation for some years and in 1923 entered a plane for the King’s cup race and flew round Britain.

It is now believed that Princess Ludwig of  Lowenstein-Wertheim, 62,  Captain Leslie Hamiltom and Colonel F.F. Minchin disappeared into the sea following an attempt to cross the Atlantic by plane.

According to the Associated Press, the princess is the second woman to disappear in a transoceanic flight in the space of two weeks. The first was Mildred Doran, who was a passenger in a plane taking part in the Dole prize race from Oakland, California to Hawaii.

Fifteen lives have been lost this year in “attempted ocean flights.”
Aviation experts believe that the St. Raphael plunged into the Atlantic due to engine trouble or defective navigation.

Lady Anne Savile, daughter of the fourth Earl, lived nearby in Thames Ditton and a plaque is to be seen inside the Church commemorating her death. Unlike many other members of the Savile family buried in the vault under the High Altar, she has no known grave.

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