Archbishops Visitation Records  

The Visitations (accountability meetings) were occasionally held at Nostell Priory and the records reveal :- presentations (fines) for moral misdemeanours, non payment  of assessments, failing to take communion and, or, failing to attend church. e.g.
1586 John Marshall    – Doth fetch corn on the sabbath – warned
1590 Thos Leake       – Sawing on the sabbath at the time of the service. Others for absence
from the service and drinking on the same day.
1600 Timothy Bright (Rector)  – Not having prepared for the Visitation and not exhibiting his
– letter of orders.
1615 Timothy Bright   – and his farmer for allowing unquenched lime in the parsonage fold to
damage the buildings.
1623 John Burton      –  for harbouring people to drink in his house at the time of divine                                    service.1623 William Burton (Parish Clerk)  – for extortion and suspicion of sorcery, selling charms
for beasts.
1633 Elizabeth Shan   – for recuscancy.
1633 John Firth         –  Drinking in the alehouse on Sunday.
1636 Gregory Weatherall (Curate and Schoolmaster) –  Not exhibiting orders.
1674 Tobias Conyers (Rector) and Joshua Brooke (Clerk Curate) –  Orders not shown.
1716 George Goodwin (Clerk Rector) Thomas Cowell (Clerk) Not exhibiting orders.

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