Albert Micklefield’s Notebooks

I am indebted to Ian Micklefield of Methley who has provided me with typewritten copies of the Albert Micklefield notebook entries by year – appended is the copy for year 1916:-

John Thomas Hiscock farm labourer for Mr Scott of Clumpcliffe Methley was killed at Oulton by the falling of a tree on Saturday night Jan 1st 1916

David Thompson died on Monday Jan 10th 1916 aged 70 years

Martin Manally of Castleford died in Pit at Allerton Bywater on Thursday morning Jan 27th 1916

Joesph Morris died on Thursday Feb 10th 1916 58 years old

Herbert Holt was killed at Whitwood Beeston on Thursday Feb 10th 1916 aged 25 years

Jack Bastow of Wellington Inn, Whitwood died March 1st 1916 aged 49 years buried at Allerton Bywater on Sunday March 5th

Wm Fletcher took Rose and Crown Inn on March 6th 1916 Greenwood left it

Fred Wright took Bay Horse Inn on March 6th 1916 John Haigh left it

Tom Anderson buried July 6th 1916 aged 55 years

John Edwin Sawyer buried July 19th 1916 aged 50 years

Elisa Ashton was buried Aug 10th 1916 aged 63

Arthur Worrilow was killed at Woodlesford and buried at Methley Aug 18th 1916 aged 5 years

Ann Arundel of Oakfield’s was buried Aug 30th 1916 aged 77 years

William Duckell was killed in France Sept 1st 1916

William Lee was killed in France Sept 18th 1916

A heavy thunderstorm on Sunday at Methley and Mr Stead house was struck by lighting and a window blown right out Sept 3 1916

James Webster of Methley was buried Sept 21st 1916 aged 79 years

Hannah Bedford died at Wakefield Asylum on Sunday Oct 8th and buried at Methley on Thursday Oct 12th 1916 53 years

Martha Micklefield died on Friday and buried on Monday cot 23rd 1916 48 years

Aeroplane came down at Methley in a field at Clumpcliffe on Saturday Nov 25th 1916

Zeppelins bombs dropped at Pontefract Park on Monday night and at Featherstone and Sharlston Nov 27th 1916

William Dobson was buried Nov 21st 1916 aged 82

William Fletcher died on Saturday Dec 23rd at Rose and Crown Methley and buried on Tuesday Dec 26th 1916 aged 53 years

Harry Hodgson died on Saturday Dec 23rd and buried Wednesday Dec 27th 1916 56 years old

John Charlesworth died on Sunday Dec 24th and buried Wednesday Dec 27th 1916 aged 90 years

Sam Shires died on Monday Dec 25th and buried on Thursday Dec 28th 1916 aged 60 years

Moses Howson was buried Dec 6th 1916 aged 52 years old

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