Castleford High School Art and Drama Department
For the use of their Sony Mavica Digital Camera in the early stages, so useful for taking Archive pictures with flash restrictions.

Ivan Pearson
For the use of his tripod.

Carol Sherry
For providing photographs old and new taken by her Father (Barry Seage)

Allan Raphael
For his patient direction and assistance in setting up the web site and continuing support. Also for his photographic assistance at the Archives and in this village.

Nellie & Walter Minett
For some research contributions and some sound advice.

Minnie Booth
For providing photographs and the loan of her Fathers British Empire Medal

Ron Rockett
For providing photographs re Savile locos and Pre war Savile Surface also layouts of the three railway stations and the iron bridge.

Reverend Gill Lurie
for permission to take and publish interior photographs of St Oswalds Church.

Alma Townend
For obtaining information in relation to the Chapels.

Cyril Leeman
For Photographs and family information.

Margaret Williams (Flockton)
For School Photographs.

George Stanger
For Photographs re Caroline Bridge

Lily Duggan
For Photographs and Publications of Haydn Duggan

Marjorie Ward (Yelland)
For photographs and information of Bernard Ward

Steve Thackray (No.2 Son)
For the use of his computer

Deborah Towey
For a comprehensive amount of information re Edward Shippen. (Debbie lives in Philadelphia and is related to my wife Mary- many thanks Debbie.

Mick Braddock
For photos re Low Common and the five arches (river calder)

Rod Idle
For information and photographs of Savile Colliery

Kath Hodgson (Russell)
for photos of Mickletown and Churchside Schools, also information and photos relating to her late Father, Bram Russell.

Barry Robbins
In Staffordshire (formerly of Methley) for providing me with information on the Savile family enabling me to complete the page on Lords of the Manor. Along with photographs of the Hall, School and the village in general.
Barry can be contacted on

Les Davies
For School photographs and photos of the coronation ‘53

Wilf Lightowler
For photograph of School Prefects

Peter Allsop
For a welcome re-write of the page on geology appertaining to Methley

Dave Hughes
Photograph album and cuttings re – Castleford RUFC – thanks Dave.

Jack Wright
For a number of photographs and copies of papers relating to Methley Hall and the Lords of the Manor.

Don Beilby
Don continues to provide information, he also let me have sight of the booklet – Methley and Mickletown Churches – Pat usually makes a cup of tea.

Dorothy Fenton (Wheeler)
Photos of Mickletown School.

Ron Lewis
A small collection of photographs re the school and church along with some good reminiscences.

Peter Bell
Was able to give background details re the Stay down strike and also a copy of the poem written about the Methley Junction mining disaster.

Keith Schumm
More photos and information on Castleford RUFC at Pinfold Lane, Methley

Joseph Stocks
Joe provided copies of photos of Methley North, a picture of the Minstrels Gallery, and information re St. Oswalds. More to come.

Tony Hargreaves
Donation of a Computer and flat screen – Very many thanks Tony.

Jack Ryder
Good photos from Jack.

Jan Alsop
Photographs of Hunts farm 1930’s

Derek Cook
Photos of Savile Pit before closure.

Pam Hirst
Local photographs

Geoff Dunnill
Photos of Methley Junction past

Harold Williams
Photographs of the Scarecrow Trail for publication

Peter Greenall
Thanks Peter for the comprehensive collection of papers in regard to Wilfred Howson on the wartime page.

Kevin Toft
For research into the history of George Webster during the WW1 conflagration.

Dave Elliott
Many thanks to Dave, from Otley, for providing me with photos of his father’s wartime exploits (WW2) and a brief of the Elliott family.

James Bowman
James provided me with some photographs and a brief history of Fred Bedford.

Janet Rayner
Janet gave me access to a collection of postcards saved by the Mitchell family of Methley dating back to the first years of the 20th century

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