17th and 18th Century

The Acts of Enclosure and the Civil War were to be the start of many changes in England,  the Restoration and the transition of power from the Monarchy to Parliament.   The plagues which affected the Country also affected this village. The Savile Dynasty continued to affirm its strong position and the Baronetcy was awarded in 1766. The Napoleonic Wars led to a call for Volunteers by Lord Pollington for the defence of this Town and Neighbourhood.

A survey of significant residents in 1821 recorded in Baines’s Yorkshire WR is as follows:-

Earl of Mexborough                                           Lumb Rev. Thomas curate
Pollington Hon. Viscount, M.P.                         Naylor Geo, perpetual overseer
Atkinson Edward, cooper                                  Pullan William, gentleman
Bentley John, victualler, Pollington’s Arms          Smith John, wheelwright
Bolland William, wire drawer                             Thistlethwaite Wm, schoolmaster
Braime Wm, cabinet maker                               Thornton Jane, vict. Old Bay Horse
Braime John, jun. grocer                                   Turpin James, bricklayer
Crossland Richard, gentleman                           Wade Richard, corn factor
Crouch William Harrison,                                 Wilson T.S, gentleman
steward to the Earl of Mexborough             Wilton John, vict. Rose & Crown
Hanson Richard, brewer                                   Wordsworth Thomas, agent
Hick William, fellmonger                                   Wray William, vict. Nelsons Arms
Lake David, gentleman

Blacksmiths                                         Butchers
Hodgson Mathew                                       Lake David
Stead John                                                   Scatchard Richard
Turner James                                               Wade William

Carpenters                                          Maltsters
Atkinson Wm.                                             Charlesworth Sam
Braime J. sen.                                             Dennison Thos.
Braime J jun.                                              Smirthwaite Robt.
Greaves John                                             Wilson Thomas
Lake Thos (ship)

Stone Masons                                   Carrier
Collins Joseph                                             Isaac Brook, to Leeds Tu. to Pontefract, Sat.
Fletcher John                                              and to Wakefield, Friday

The Carrier would have been mainly for freight/goods but would have also carried locals on short journeys.   Landowners, Gentlemen and People of Substance would have travelled by gig or on horseback.
Public Transport connections were by coach, and Methley was on the Leeds to Ferrybridge on the Great North Road turnpike route.   Coaches in these days were the Royal Forrester  began Dec 15th 1821 – The coach left the Greyhound Inn at Ferrybridge at 7.00am called at the New Elephant Inn, Pontefract, Glasshoughton, Methley, Oulton to the Bull and Mouth Inn, Leeds all days except Friday and Sunday. Return from Leeds at 3.30pm Wm. Higham & Co.
Another coach was the Perseverance (1843) Leeds to Doncaster – left Doncaster 6.00am via Pontefract and Castleford (Ship Inn) and returned at 4.00pm Fare 7s in and 4s out ( I presume that means 7 shillings for an inside seat).   In 1838 Leeds had 130 journeys incoming and outgoing per day to all points of the compass. Carrier Isaac Brook pulled out of the Golden Fleece,28 Briggate Leeds on Tuesdays and Saturdays arriving at Methley at 10am – return 3pm.
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May 7th 1723  –  On Monday next being the 13th May, 1723, a plate of six Guineas value will be run for on Methley Coney Moor by any Galloways not exceeding 14 hands high and that never won the value of £20 on Plate or money at one time, carrying with saddle and bridle 9 stone.  To enter on Saturday next at Thomas Englands at Methley.

September 21st 1725  –  On Wednesday the 29th will be run on Methley Coney Moor, a plate of £5 by Galloways 14 hands high and on Thursday the 30th a plate of £3 by Galloways 13 1/2 hands high.   Also on the same day and same course there will be a Holland Smock run for by women.  The Galloways for both plates are to be shown and entered at Thomas Englands at Methley Church Side.

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