Jillian Potts

 Characters of Methley

The attached photograph portrays a proud family gathering of five generations, this following a similar earlier photograph with the same family going back a further generation.  Featured in both pictures is one Jillian Potts who herself has also featured much in this village community.
Jillian’s primary education was, unusually from Methley, made at the Junior School at Three Lane Ends.

This experience was to direct her to Castleford Grammar School offering the academic grounding for work at the Yorkshire Bank.   They must value her there because employer and employee are still together after plus 30 odd years (I dare not ask exactly how many) albeit she now works part time these recent years.  Jillian, after starting at the Westgate Branch has worked and deputised at other branches including Castleford, Pontefract and Normanton.


Perhaps she is best known in the village for her continuous guidance (32 years plus) with the brownies and rainbows.   Encouraged by Nora Cox and Audrey Micklefield to assist, it was herself who decided to expand and introduce the younger class of rainbows.  This to prepare them for entry into the experienced world of the brownies.   There must now be many mothers to this day who have been directed by Tawny Owl Jillian to those important things in life.   None will have forgotten the excitement of end of term parties (grown-ups are just the same) or trips to the pantomime, ten pin bowling and the cinema.   It’s not the easiest thing in the world to arrange and supervise a parade of 5/6 year olds from the village to St Oswald’s church. She is of course, ably assisted every week by Annette Cardno and Sarah Anderson over this last ten years or more.

Maybe some of those former rainbows and brownies may now have come across Jillian in her role at the Ex-Servicemen’s club.  Again utilising her considerable organisational skills over the last ten years in making the club one of the social hubs of the village.   Along with Debbie Clegg and the other ladies associated with the former British Legion Club they have helped to improve both the attraction and outlook making it more welcoming and convivial to new and old members alike.
Here we see them offering a refreshing approach to organising member’s parties, kids Christmas and Easter functions along with a huge organisational demand with the annual bonfire (seems like an extension of the brownies).  Jillian will be at pains to insist it is contributions by all members of the committee that make it work.
Jillian also adds her considerable business acumen to the commercial administration of the club supporting husband Malcolm – currently treasurer of the club.

How does she do it?  Well it’s the collaboration and cooperation of her many friends and especially her family – and this is where we came in with that family photograph.

Huh – no doubt its the same drive that engages her with the St Oswald’s Church PCC and acting as their assistant treasurer.  

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